Sonali Hegde

I have been part of the Whole Earth Montessori community since 2006. After having taught in the Early Childhood classrooms at WEM, I am now the Program Supervisor at the school. I am passionate about child development and ensuring that the social, emotional, and cognitive needs of children are met in the school. I support the staff and ensure that the school stays true to the Montessori philosophy and to WEM vision, mission and goals.

I am an AMS certified Early Childhood educator with a Graduate degree in English Literature and Undergraduate degrees in Mass Communication and Psychology.  In my free time, I enjoy hiking and exploring the gorgeous trails here in the Pacific Northwest.  I love traveling around the world to learn about different cultures and spend time with my family. I currently live in Redmond with my husband and Golden Retriever Frodo. Both my children went to Montessori schools, they are grown and pursuing their futures; one is an aspiring writer and researcher wanting to change the world and the other is studying computer science to use technology in creative ways to make the world a better place.