Governing Bodies

The Whole Earth Montessori School maintains professional accreditations and working relationships with the governing bodies listed below.  In addition to these accreditations, WEM maintains accountability to the following governing bodies: Department of Youth and Family Services (DCYF), the Office of the Superintendent of Public Instruction (OSPI), the Department of Social and Health Services (DSHS).

American Montessori Society

The American Montessori Society is a vital professional organization dedicated to supporting quality Montessori education. Included among our members are approximately 1,200 Montessori schools.

AMS member schools can be privately owned or part of a public education system. They may be not-for-profit or for-profit, secular or parochial. Some are independent, while others are part of a larger organization or corporation, such as a university, a Montessori teacher education program, or a religious institution.

AMS member schools are located both within and outside the United States. Schools outside the U.S. are called “international member schools.

Pacific Northwest Montessori Association

The Pacific Northwest Montessori Association is a catalyst for creating the united common voice required to advocate effectively for Montessori communities. It is our goal to bring together Montessori educators of the Northwest to work in excellence and prosperity; providing meaningful communication to our members and creating a strong Montessori community.

Washington Federation of Independent Schools

WFIS representatives work with State Agencies, including the Office of the Superintendent of Public Instruction (OSPI), The Department of Youth and Family Services (DCYF), The Department of Health and others to advocate for the particular needs of private schools.

WFIS representatives at OSPI, DCYF and on the State Board of Education communicate regularly with WFIS to help guide and change policy to reflect private school needs.

WFIS works directly with the executive directors of the accreditation organizations in Washington to protect the integrity of accreditation and our schools.   We call these leaders “Constituency Leaders” and rely on their in-depth understanding of their schools to guide WFIS’ policy decisions.

WFIS is in Olympia during the legislative session, building relationships with Legislators and their staff, collaborating with lobbying organizations with similar goals, as well as reading and contributing to legislation to be sure private schools are considered when law is crafted and when it is passed.

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