Whole Earth Montessori


Dianna Galante, M.Ed.

Dianna Galante is the Founder of Whole Earth Montessori.  Driven by her passion for a better world for her son and all children of the Earth, Dianna started Whole Earth in 1986 with $300.00 cash and $1,500.00 worth of used Montessori materials in lieu of the $1,500.00 in back salary owed to her by her previous employer.

Dianna holds a Bachelor’s degree in Family and Consumer Studies from Central Washington University with minors in Art and Psychology. She earned a Master’s degree in education from Seattle University and holds a Washington State teaching certificate.  She earned an AMS Early Childhood certificate in 1981 and an AMS Elementary-I credential in 1991.

Dianna taught Montessori Philosophy, Early Childhood and Elementary-I language while working first at Seattle University and then the Montessori Education Institute of the Pacific Northwest (MEIPN).  She taught Elementary-I History and Geography in South Korea for AMS to public school teachers over a three-week period.  Several summers were spent in Ft. Wayne, Indiana and Akron, Ohio as part of an AMS team to present a Montessori teacher certification program to inner city public school teachers.  Dianna was a member of an AMS Symposium team presenting information on Language and Literacy.  She received a Certificate of Recognition from Washington State Senator Patty Murray for outstanding contribution at the annual teacher’s forum in Washington D.C. upon the recommendation of one of the Secretaries of Education. As well, Dianna developed and presented a peace curriculum in many cities throughout the U.S.  The curriculum serves as the skeletal framework for units of study here at Whole Earth in the Early Childhood Education classrooms.