Welcome to WEM An exceptional academic program,
an authentic Montessori experience.


By choosing WEM, we promise:

An authentic Montessori educational experience validated by the latest research in the field of neuroscience that will empower your child’s natural love of learning.

A whole-child approach to learning that will educate your child academically, emotionally, physically, socially, creatively and spiritually.

An individualized learning experience and environment that supports growth toward their greatest potential.

To provide your child with the very best possible care from the very best teachers that put your child at the center of everything they do.

A campus that provides safety, fun, and community.


As a parent the pressure to find a school that works for your family’s specific needs can be overwhelming. There are many choices, many approaches, and many different costs and we are surrounded by the input and opinions of others. This can be daunting to say the least. What is most important, in the end, is that your child will be well cared for, enjoy learning and be safe throughout the day.

By choosing WEM you are choosing the most caring, experienced, professional and dedicated teachers anywhere all of whom are strongly committed to their own personal, ongoing professional development. You are choosing a school with over 30 years of Montessori teaching experience, a strong parent network and a truly individualized educational approach to meet your child’s specific needs.

Founded in 1986, WEM is one of only a handful of accredited Montessori schools in the state of Washington. WEM is considered by many of our colleagues to be the gold standard in authentic Montessori education. We are proud to have a school filled with teachers that have been with us for decades; teachers who without compromise maintain their loyalty and dedication to the dedication they give each and every child we serve.

Finally, our strong and thriving community group, known as the WEM Community Group (WCG) seeks to build connection and fun with families and students both on and off the WEM campus providing a unique experience for families.


Develop in each child a respect for self as a unique individual having a vital role to play in the overall scheme of life on Earth.

Develop in each child a respect for the environment all people share and an awareness of the need to preserve and protect it for all living things.

Develop in each child a respect for others, an appreciation for the similarities as well as the differences that exist among the people of the world.

Nurture in each child the basic, universal human values of truth, right action, peace, love, and non-violence.

WEM wants every parent to feel confident that they are making the right choice for their child’s education. We take our work seriously and feel strongly that the goals of our school will help to serve your child for a lifetime. It is our commitment to offer each child an educational experience that results in an expanded love or learning, builds on their strengths, and provides a solid foundation for their future.


Shanon Olsen SAID

“WEM continuously provides an academic experience that encourages true learning, builds connection, empowers the students and stands for each child knowing they matter and make a difference.  My daughter has attended Whole Earth for the last nine years, and now my son is in his third year.  I am clear their love of learning and confidence in the world is a result of their education at WEM.”

The Schwede Family SAID

I attribute much of Derek, Jared and Matt’s success to the fabulous learning that occurred at your school and wanted to send a quick update on the alums:  Derek attended Rice University for his undergraduate degree then went on to Harvard Law School and is now working for a large firm in San Francisco.  Jared graduated from Yale in Physics and continued his graduate studies in Physics at Stanford University.  Matt graduated from Harvard in Statistics but emphasized also in Pre-Med coursework.  He is currently working at Danae Faber Cancer Research Center while he applies to Med School.

We just wanted to take this chance to thank you for your wonderful school.  I hope many more students will get the opportunity to benefit from all that Whole Earth offers.”


Hung Dang SAID

“My son Christian was enrolled at WEM for several years.  Each day I send him to school with the confidence that his academic and social needs will be nurtured by the caring staff, faculty, and administrators employed at WEM.  His teachers have done an unbelievable job working with Christian to cultivate his passion for learning about new things and, therefore, acquiring knowledge far earlier and in greater depth than he might in a more traditional school environment.  I am forever grateful for how WEM fostered my child’s confidence for learning how to learn.

When I enrolled Christian at WEM, I entered into a partnership to educate and develop him into a well-rounded thinker.  This partnership would not be possible without our support for one another – parents and educators – as we are all in this together.

WEM has my unwavering support for their work with my son’s education.  WEM will continue to impact the lives and journey of many your learners of today and future generations to come.”

The Walker Family SAID

I want you to know how grateful I am we found your school. Chase’s time there has been an incredible experience for him. He amazes me daily with the knowledge he brings home. He tells me stories of the planets, he teaches me math, French, Spanish, but most of all I see that he has and continues to transform into his own “self.” I just wanted to say thank you for having such a wonderful school and such wonderful teachers. It has truly been a blessing.

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If you plan to visit when class is in-session, please make an appointment as security is very important to us at WEM.


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