Sonali Hedge

I have been part of the Whole Earth Montessori community since 2006. I have taught in almost all the classes at the school. Passionate about child development and working with children to ensure their social, emotional and cognitive needs are met. Follow the child – is the Montessori philosophy that attracted me in this journey. Understanding where the child is developmentally and giving them the right stimulus to make them lifelong learners is my goat.

I am an AMS certified Early Childhood educator with a Graduate degree in English and Undergraduate degrees in Mass Communication and Psychology.  I enjoy hiking and exploring the gorgeous trails here in the Pacific Northwest.  I love traveling around the world to learn about different cultures and spend time with my family. I live in Redmond with my husband and Golden Retriever Frodo. My two children, both Montessori products, are grown and pursuing their futures; one is an aspiring writer and researcher wanting to change the world and the other is pursuing studies in Computer Science to creatively use technology.