Shalini Beesa

Working with kids and learning with them is my passion. They show me new meaning in life and teach me to be creative, intuitive, and joyful all the time. I did my Master’s in Psychology back in India. I chose to work with kids since then. The Montessori method of education has always fascinated me and made me think about the importance of child development. I found a perfect role in WEM to learn more about Montessori and help these awesome kids become better learners, better problem solvers, and creative for life. I take this role as an opportunity to grow in my career.

Outside of work, I love to travel and bake healthy vegan desserts for my family and friends. I am a Plant-based eater and lead a healthy lifestyle. I am a Nature lover. I do my best to protect nature by reducing plastic waste, using homemade eco-friendly products, and gardening. I learn new ways every day to preserve the natural world.