Ourdia Khouas

I value integrity and effort in guiding young children towards a bright and fruitful future. I come from the North African Country of Algeria and am consequently fluent in French, Arabic, and Berber. I graduated, eighteen years ago, from the University of Algiers with a Bachelors of Art in philosophy. In my 16 years working at Mukilteo Montessori School as assistant teacher, I developed and led a 10 week comprehensive french summer program, among a similar of other things, the program was so well received that I created a mini version for winter break. The materials and curriculum of said  summer course, further more, were all developed and planned by me. In my spare time, I love to cook, bake, do practically anything that involves my kitchen utensils. I am an artist, at heart, I enjoy things from sewing to hair-dressing, to painting.