Charul Aggarwal

“The greatest help you can give your children is the freedom to go about their own work in their own way, for in this matter your child knows better than you”, Dr. Maria Montessori.

I, the mother of two naughty boys (6 years and 4 years old) have come from a non-teaching background. I was an Apparel designer by profession in my home country India after completing my bachelor’s in Economics. I became a student all over again to my then 5-year-old son, who happens to be a WEM student who taught me Dr. Montessori’s lessons. I realized not over-teaching a child can be so delightful! 

I devote part of my life to my passion for the Indian Classical dance form “Bharatanatyam”. Being new to the Pacific Northwest, I am reviving my interest in cycling and exploring Pilates.