Campus Description

Safely shielded from the road by 5-acres of surrounding nature, WEM students safely enjoy a certified Schoolyard Habitat, outdoor playground areas, vast fields, streams, and garden. For more than 30 years, WEM students have worked with the City of Bothell and Fisheries and Wildlife Department to enhance the fish-inhabited stream flowing across the school’s campus. The 6′ trees planted by students in 1990 are now well over 100′ tall. These trees have created a riparian zone along the stream, cooled the water, provided shade, and created a healthier habitat for the native species both in and around the creek. WEM Elementary and Middle School students monitor the area to remove invasive plant species. On-site field observation provides resources for follow-up classroom research in botany, zoology, geology, and geography.

Environmental Commitment

Alternative Energy & Environmental Sustainability; more than just a recycling program. At WEM, our commitment to ecological stewardship means living green and engaging with alternative energy as a way of Life both in and out of the classroom. These features support one of the WEM goals established in 1986: “to nurture in each student a respect for the environment and an awareness of the need to preserve and protect it for all living things.” (Dianna Galante, Founder)

Environmental Technologies

In the Fall of 2009, WEM opened our first of many GREEN buildings powered by a 16-panel 3.20 kWp solar panel system that works in conjunction with ‘one mile’ of the geothermal coil using the warmth of the Earth’s core to power both the heating and cooling of the building. An integrated Solar Panel efficiency monitoring system displays real-time data on the production of the solar panel, including daily kWh production, percentage of solar panel efficiency, and total CO2 emission reduction and total M.W. production since going into operation in August of 2009. In January of 2017, WEM completed our new Elementary and Middle School building, utilizing the same GREEN built process to continue our commitment to the environment.

Our Commitment to the Future

Future environmental practices at WEM will include the restoration of the stream on the west side of our campus and exploration of additional solar, classroom batteries, electric car charging stations, hydroponic gardening, and rainwater retention systems.