Staff Professional Development

Many opportunities for professional development are available in the Greater Seattle area.  The Pacific Northwest Montessori Association offers classes, workshops and conferences specific to Montessori education.  For example, the Pacific Northwest Montessori Association (PNMA) fall workshop will feature Dr. Felice Orlich presenting “Reaching Every Child – What We Know About Autism & How It Works in the Montessori Classroom.”  Dr. Paul Epstein will present “Learning from Children with the Observation C.O.R.E. at the PNMA Winter Forum.  The local Montessori teacher certification program offers classes and workshops as well.  In addition, the Department of Early Learning (DEL) offers numerous workshops and online courses.  WEM is conveniently located within five miles of the Cascadia Community College and the University of Washington Bothell campuses.  Several other community colleges are within 10 miles of the WEM campus.  The school receives email announcements from these institutions regarding Early Childhood courses, guest speakers and workshop offerings.

Four teacher professional days are scheduled on the WEM calendar.  Both classes and childcare are closed on those days allowing teachers and staff to get involved in some kind of activity for professional development.  Typically administration will meet with faculty and staff early in the day to be reminded of our purpose and inspired to continue the school’s work to provide an environment in which students have opportunity to maximize their potential in their own time and way in accordance with their developmental abilities.  Teachers are then free to work in their classrooms and/or participate in a variety of professional development options.

The school often provides financial support to faculty to attend workshops and conferences including the annual AMS conference.