Responsibilities - Yours & Ours

WEM Responsibilities:

    • To provide an environment that is clean, safe and attractive
    • To maintain the standards and licensing required by state, county and city agencies, and the standards set by American Montessori Society
    • To provide a program that is stimulating, developmentally appropriate and the best use of the school’s resources
    • To provide teachers who are exceptional in guiding, observing and caring for children and in the excellence of their professional skills
    • To remain committed to professional growth of our staff, and openness to new ideas and research
    • To provide opportunities for parent-school partnerships and participation in activities of the larger community
    • To communicate regularly with parents so that they are fully informed about all issues affecting them or their child

Parent Responsibilities:

    • To fulfill financial and legal obligations to the school promptly
    • To support both the child and the school by being well informed.  This is achieved by:
      • Reading all emails sent from school administrators and teachers
      • Attending parent meetings and conferences
      • Keeping informed about goals and policies of school
      • Participating in our school fundraising efforts
    •  To ensure the continuation of the school by acting as an advocate for its policies and programs
    •  To communicate openly with teachers and administration regarding their own observations of their child
    • Direct all questions or concerns about programs, staff or any other issue to the school director